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About Us

NY2Dance is a nonprofit arts organization which has a vision of dance that speaks of/for the human experience through movement - of the body and of the mind. NY2Dance is the name given to Nejla Y. Yatkin’s vision:

1) to explore the topics of identity, transformation, migration and multiculturalism;

2) to create works that reflect the complexity of human existence, that tap the essence of what is common within all humanity and to embrace spirituality as a guiding force, a point of communication as well as reflection;

3) to collaborate with other artists from various disciplines from around the world; and

4) to preserve the works of master choreographers.

Toward these ends, Nejla is in the process of synthesizing the diverse techniques that she has been exposed to throughout her life into her own style of dance, entitled MOZAIK. The name is drawn from the fact that she is constructing the technique out of the full mosaic of dance styles available within the world’s cultures, combining them into a unified whole (yet, at the same time, retaining that which is unique about them).

As the world moves into the current period of globalization, this synthesizing but respecting uniqueness will be the greatest challenge for human kind. Dance provides merely one realm within which this process will be undertaken. MOZAIK attempts to facilitate communication, exploration and understanding in this area.