Granada International School

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About Us

Granada International School grew out of a need. A need for our children to go to school without it becoming a dawn to dusk commitment. A need to know our children's teachers, classmates, and school families. A need to widen the educational offerings in the area. A need to help create a more affordable educational option open to a larger socio-economic demographic. A need to give something back to the community we all call home is the reason 35% of our student body is made up of children with scholarships and sponsorships so they can attend our school.

Granada International School allows children the freedom to learn at their own pace. We provide time and space for each child to grow and explore the world individually and as a class. By doing so, we support and encourage each child to develop their curiosity and desire to learn. Our objective is to grow lifelong learners and students who relish the opportunity to learn more.