Help Our Penyu



About Us

Help Our Penyu (HOPE) will be the first independent (not formed by the government or university institutes) non-profit organistion focused on sea turtle conservation in Malaysia. The sole aim of HOPE is to double the sea turtle nesting population by 2060 through EAR Empowerment, Action and Research.

Our first project in Perhentian

EMPOWERMENT – Empowering the public first with knowledge then with the platform for them to get involved in sea turtle conservation utilizing their skills. It is only through EMPOWERMENT of the people will substantial changes happen.

ACTION – Direct conservation involving relevant stakeholders and the general public in protection of sea turtles through developing economic incentives with healthy sea turtle population numbers.

RESEARCH – Increase scientific knowledge about sea turtle populations and their ecosystems in the State of Terengganu and disperse this knowledge to relevant stakeholders and the general public.