Portals Of Wonder

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About Us

Portals Of Wonder is a not-for-profit charity that brings magic, music, myth, mime and vaudeville to children facing critical illness such as AIDS and cancer, to youth at risk, to homeless children and to frail elders. We deliver six distinctly innovative programs to hospitals, homeless shelters, hospices, foster care centers, schools, theatres, and anywhere we can serve to better the human condition.

Over 10,000 children and hundreds of elders have benefited from ongoing programs designed to uplift the human spirit by evoking curiosity, wonder, inspiration and hope. Hospital Beside Programs provide rehabilitative and immune system enhancement for children while helping reduce stress for family members and hospital staff. Arts Education Workshops give children academic skill sets they can apply now and in the future. Staff Development Workshops train educators, caregivers and service providers. Young Artist Mentoring provides professional training, equipment, musical instruments and entrepreneurship opportunities for young artists. Intergenerational Programs bring youth and frail elderly together and provide frail elders suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia and strokes a place of honor in the community. Mainstage Productions such as the critically acclaimed A Christmas Carol and Adventures of a Wizard – a new book musical revue carrying on in the vaudeville tradition, include disadvantaged children from our programs who participate in professional performances alongside master artists.