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About Us

Vocoform is devoted to realizing what is possible when we identify and live out our calling. We believe vocation is more than just the means to a paycheck; it’s where a person’s intrinsic value, life story, place, and unique talents intersect. We affirm value regardless of our physical abilities, inherited background, gender, sexual orientation, race, past mistakes or future successes.

Vocoform helps young adults identify and pursue their vocations through a holistic approach of skill development, life coaching, and enterprise operation/ownership. Our participants are individuals ages 18-25 who face barriers including poverty, addiction, broken family ties and racial injustice. As Vocoform participants are selected from among existing vocational programs, released youth offenders, and those aging out of the foster care system, we strive to maintain a 60/40 gender ratio and a 50/50 minority/majority race ratio.