The New American Academy/PS770

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60 East 94th Street
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About Us

The New American Academy inspires leaders and empowers learners to create a better world.

The New American Academy, developed in partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the United Federation of Teachers, and the New York City Department of Education, is an innovative NYC public school. Through the use of semi-autonomous, four-person teaching teams, we encourage and support continuous innovation. Under the leadership of a Master Teacher, each team is given the freedom and trust to modify and adapt curriculum, groupings, and professional development .

The New American Academy is relationship driven. Each teaching team loops with their students from kindergarten through fifth grade, nurturing powerful and deep relationships throughout the school community. This approach allows for unprecedented levels of targeted support, instruction, and mentorship for both teahcers and students. In addition, by embedding a highly paid and experienced Master Teacher in each classroom, we ensure that teachers and students have the highest level of expertise to support their learning.

The potential and creativity unleashed by our model is the engine behind our interdisciplinary, student-centered curriculum. Organized around six thematic units, lessons are hands on, discovery-based, and engaging. We encourage active student participation and believe that the best classrooms are those in which student voice is amplified, developed and diversified. As a trilingual school, The New American Academy exposes students to both Spanish and French at an early age.

For more information about our groundbreaking approach to education, please see our website.