Kuska School

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About Us

With a concentration on educating children in a way that sparks their creativity, we believe that children learn best through active experience that supports a connection with the local community and the natural environment. Offering a bilingual English-Spanish program that meets both U.S. private school and Peruvian National standards, we pursue excellence in science, math, reading and writing. Through participation in art, theater, music, farming and project-based education we offer an experiential curriculum that puts children and their curiosity first.

Ollantaytambo is a small Andean village at a cultural crossroads. As the town and region undergo very rapid environmental, economic, social and cultural changes, we believe education is a vital tool for local people to be able to meet the challenges of today and the future. Children must be equipped to autonomously and responsibly manage their natural resources, and cultural heritage; and to compete on a local and global level. We aim to offer them a new type of education - one that prepares them more holistically to engage these challenges.

We are a non-profit locally based educational organization. Through our scholarship program we offer affordable, quality elementary school education to the families of Ollantaytambo. Kuska School opened its doors in March of 2013 with a single classroom of 8 First and Second graders led by one English speaking international teacher and a local Peruvian teacher. In 2014 we will add the third grade and grow to a maximum of 18 students. The board of directors heads the school, while our international and local teachers are responsible for weekly and monthly curriculum development, schedules and activities. Local workshop leaders are hired for music, art and other activities to complete a well-rounded curriculum.