Tunefoolery Music, Inc.

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About Us

Tunefoolery Music, Inc., founded in 1994, is a non-profit organization composed and run by musicians in mental health recovery who perform in ensembles and as solo acts for mental health and social service agency clients as well as for the public at large. We travel to mental health facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes, bringing hope and inspiration to thousands of people every year. We also perform for the general public, educating the community about the talents and vast capacities of people with psychiatric conditions.

The mission of Tunefoolery is to:

  • Use music and community-building to provide individuals with psychiatric disabilities or conditions with opportunities for hope, healing, empowerment, employment, self-reliance, and socializing.
  • Perform high quality music for those who lack access to live performances, and especially for peer populations.
  • Eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness through dialogue, education while modeling the true talents and strengths of people with psychiatric conditions.

We believe music can serve as a common denominator by bridging the gap between people, whatever their mental status. We view robust mental health as a reasonable goal for all people, regardless of their place on the continuum of growth and success.