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About Us

Mission Statement

CitySquare exists to fight the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy, and friendship. Working together as a community, we feed the hungry, heal the sick, house the homeless and renew hope in the heart of our city.

About CitySquare

Since our humble beginnings in 1988 as a small food pantry for the working poor of our community, CitySquare has grown into a broad community development organization offering a wide range of social services.

Citysquare’s interlocking network of programs can be organized into four key areas: Hunger, Health, Housing, and Hope. Combined, our programs reach more than 70,000 people a year.

We don’t fight poverty for the poor--we fight poverty with the poor. Our 25-year commitment to addressing the root causes of poverty, both on an individual and systemic level, combined with our unyielding commitment to stewardship, makes CitySquare a proven leader in our community and beyond.

CitySquare AmeriCorps

The CitySquare AmeriCorps program provides critical support to thousands of children by serving in one of two areas: education and hunger.

AmeriCorps is not a job, it’s a chance to really make a difference in the community. In exchange for your service, members receive a living allowance and an end of term education award. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your world better!