Bahamas United Ltd.

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About Us

Bahamas United is an international social change organization that connects students, groups and corporations with non-profit organizations in the Bahamas in need of volunteers. We work closely to develop a range of short and long-term service projects that are both exciting and rewarding for visitors to the Bahamas.

All of our projects are custom built to provide a unique and mutually beneficial experience for the organization and participants. Whether its a group of two or 200, for a couple of hours or a couple of weeks, our staff is ready to create the perfect project and event for you, including:

1) Volunteer service breaks for conference participants

2) Corporate team-building and retreat activities

3) Alternative spring/summer break and graduation activities for students

4) Voluntourism for individuals and families on vacation

No matter what your background or needs, Bahamas United has a project for you! Contact us at to hear about discounted rates on hotels and excursions for volunteer groups.