Ecumenical Network for Youth Action (ENYA)

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About Us

ENYA is a dynamic ecumenical international membership / partnership driven movement of Churches/ Faith Communities and their related associations. including children, youth and womens organisations, diaconial projects, Christian Education groups, childrens, youth and womens rights and protection activist networks, social movements, justice, peace, reconciliation and environmental groups, NGOs, lay training academies / centres, and individuals in over 48countries around the world.ENYA is working with ecumenical local and international partners, to implement many challenging and forward looking initiatives, programmes, internships, interactive training for transformation projects, pilgrimages, campaigns, resource kits and solidarity work. ENYA increases the opportunities for interactive encounters inter-regionally, while maintaining our primary focus with those from Central / Eastern / CIS. ENYA is working with ecumenical -- local and international partners to implement the all of the following challenging initiatives, projects and programmes: children/youth and women's leadership training and empowernment, developing partnerships with those who are excluded and marginalised - young people in institutional care, refugees and asylum seekers, children/youth and women at risk, combating forced prostitution, trafficking and sexual abuse.