Volunteer Programs Bali in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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About Us

Volunteer Programs Bali, provides free English classes to the children of Bali ages 6-16. We also work with disabled children, have organic farm projects, teach computer skills, recycling projects and other activities to underprivileged Balinese children.

We also organize workshops and events for the children, lead by volunteers and local professionals, because we be believe that education + inspiration = empowerment! Accommodation and teaching support is included in our package. Volunteering Programs Bali is founded by long term volunteer coordinators and teachers who aim to provide ongoing support to both the volunteer and the children. A volunteer through Volunteer Programs in Bali can be secure in knowing that they will be placed into a caring and supportive project with the main goal to bring confidence and education to children and teens who before have gone without. VP Bali’s mission is to provide, with the power of volunteers, classes and events to inspire and empower children of Bali and their communities, in all social economic classes, to reach their full potential. We do this with respect to the Balinese culture and tradition.