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Completion by Design is a groundbreaking, multi-year initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Post-Secondary Success Strategy. Built for purpose by the Foundation to design, support, and deliver bold and innovative efforts for community colleges, CDAT will forge common purpose and fuel partnerships between individual consultants, national organizations, and partnering colleges. CDAT is charged with driving creative, practical, and scalable solutions to dramatically increase completion rates for low-income community college students. Such change, across four selected states (Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas), multiple systems and twenty-one college campuses, requires vision and leadership from individual actors—from CDAT staff, college presidents, expert practitioners, and engaged faculty. To achieve the ambition of this Initiative, CDAT will lead a complex process that requires community colleges to examine data on student outcomes, analyze budgets for cost efficiencies, scale successful practices, catalyze policy change, and launch communication campaigns.

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