JCC PresenTense Chicago

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5050 Church Street
United States

About Us

JCC PresenTense Chicago is a program for young Jewish adults that gives them an avenue to contribute to social change in the Jewish community. It is sponsored by JCC Chicago, but primarily run by volunteers who want to assist in mending the world, one idea at a time.

The program provides a six-month fellowship program (from Dec 2012 thru June 2013) that gives young Jewish adults that tools and structure to develop their socially-responsible idea into a sustainable and mission-driven for-profit or non-profit business. The fellowship includes a mini-MBA type of curriculum with strict deadlines to complete deliverables, the support of a coach and a mentor, monthly training sessions, and bi-monthly workshops and roundtable discussions with local Jewish experts on topics that support the curriculum. The culminating event of the fellowship is Launch Night, scheduled for June 12, 2013, in which the fellows celebrate the launch of their venture ideas, which includes a 45 second pitch of their idea to a supportive and well-heeled crowd of potential donors and partners and an expo-format cocktail hour in which the fellows present their marketing materials and business plan at separate booths.