CBC Health Board, Conservation of Pharmaceutical Plants Initiative Program -CPPI

About Us

The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board (CBCHB) is the health care branch of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, which is a Faith Based non-profit making Organization based in Cameroon. The Cameroon Baptist Convention started the provision of health services to Cameroonians in 1949 in the Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH). These services have extended to six of the ten provinces of Cameroon. There is however anticipation to cover the entire country with our healthcare provision if we have the means. The CBCHB infrastructure consists of five hospitals, more than twenty-three Integrated Health Centers, forty primary healthcare Centers and three Rehabilitation projects for people with disabilities. Our services see more than half a million patients in a year.

Our Conservation of Pharmaceutical Plants Initiative (CPPI) is a new program in the CBCHB programs with inception in 2004. The base is the CBC Health Services Complex, Mutengene-South West Province of Cameroon. The mission of this new program is to identify, multiply and conserve the medicinal plants of the CBC Health Board, which are found at this Center in Mutengene. This program is run by two Botanists recruited by the Health Board.

The Cameroon Baptist Convention Heath Board seeks to assist in the provision of care to all who need it as an expression of Christian Love and as a means of witness in order that they might be brought to God through Jesus Christ. Thus the Health Board shall provide exemplary health care with genuine compassion, with overriding purpose of evangelical witness.

THE CONSERVATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL PLANTS INITIATIVE PROGRAM OF THE HEALTH BOARD: This program is one of the new programs of the CBC Health Board, which started in 2004. The program is based in the CBC Health Services Complex in Mutengene, South West Province of Cameroon. This Health Services Complex Houses the Central Pharmacy of the Health Board, which has all her processing units. The conservation of these plants shall start from this Center to enhance our research activities, which have been anticipated to cover a range of activities.our conserved plants are among others the following; SCIENTIFIC NAMES 1 Prunus africana 2 Voacanga africana 3 Cinchona officinalis 4 Azadirachta indica 5 Tabernanthe iboga 6 Alstonia boonei 7 Strophanthus hispidus 8 Garcinia cola 9 Artemisia cina 10 ETC

Apart from medicinal plants, we also multiply ornamental plants and flowers. We carry out landscaping and grass planting on lawns in Institutions and private homes espacially when there are new construction going on. Plant protcetion and pesticide management are other fields where we have excelled. We have now increased the number of Botanists from 02 to 03 and recruited a gardener to take care of the immediate surroundings. We can not say that we know all but ready to receive and share ideas with other experts around the world from other organizations.