Microloan Foundation



United Kingdom

About Us

MicroLoan Foundation (MLF) is a London-based charity established in 1998, providing microfinance services in Malawi and the Philippines. We have a large and committed volunteer base who help to run the organisation, which allows us to operate with very low overheads in the UK. This means that a huge proportion of the donations we receive goes straight to the people who need it most. MLF provides small loans (otherwise known as microloans), basic business training and continuing guidance to groups of women in central and northern Malawi. This enables them to develop self-sustainable livelihoods, feed, clothe and educate their families, and work their way out of the poverty trap. We now have six offices in Malawi and have made micro loans to over 6,000 women. We are also active in the Philippines, where we support the activities of the Philippines Self Help Foundation. Our Patrons are Bob Geldof KBE, The Bishop of Kensington and Gabby Logan.