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Mission: To provide high quality international educational and cultural exchange programs to people from around the world. At La Casa we believe that only through interaction can the peoples of the world truly understand each other, establish friendships and promote world peace.

La Casa Learning Center is an educational center located in the heart of Hebron, Palestine. By lifting up, strengthening, and educating individuals we empower them to see beyond their immediate circumstances, dreaming big dreams and growing up to achieve them. They will become teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, nurses, engineers: the citizens and leaders that their communities so desperately need. The work of La Casa Learning Center enriches their individual lives, but it also equips them to be the seed of transformative social change. With your support of this work, you can join us in opening the door to their dreams and ambitions, creating a better tomorrow for our global village.

We work with youth and young adults in the West Bank, offering them an opportunity to improve their life chances through education. As well as teaching English, we instruct our students in critical thinking and personal development. We aim to achieve a diverse cultural exchange and social dialogue through our international programs by hosting people from around the world. The diverse perspectives will enrich the activities and programs at La Casa. You will see true Palestinian life and be introduced to new points of view. Our programs promise a positive and enriching experience.

La Casa's Arabic Language program students are fully immersed in Arabic language learning and watch their language skills improve by leaps and bounds. Our students come from around the world to learn Arabic for work and service in a variety of capacities among Arabic-speaking peoples. And with host families, peer language tutors, volunteer opportunities, and cultural activities and excursions, you'll enjoy a unique and truly immersive intercultural experience in Palestine. Come and study Arabic in Palestine with us!

La Casa is registered with the Companies Controller at the Palestinian Ministry of Ministry of National Economy. It is registered as a cultural center in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and also as a member of Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our center is accredited as an official Test Centre by (Cambridge University-UK) for holding (KET, PET, FCE) exams in cooperation with the British Council. Continuous success is proof of our ability to provide quality services, exceeding our clients and partners expectations. More than 2000 trainees trained at the center between 2009-2013.

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