Paz y Bien

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San Francisco Lempa

El Salvador

About Us

Paz y Bien is a non-profit organization which promote peace through education and cultural exchange. Founded during the El Salvadoran Civil War by priest Juan Luis Genoud from France, who wanted to be poor among the poor. He admired Saint Francis of Assisi, who often greeted others saying "Peace and Goodwill" (Paz y Bien!) Juan Luis Genoud wanted "Peace and Goodwill" to become embodied in himself and the people that he lived among. Paz y Bien has a center for delegations and workshops located in San Fransico Lempa, a beautiful and impoverished place, still struggling to find identity and a non-violent way of life. The organization Paz y Bien was founded to begin a journey to peace in El Salvador. The journey to peace is long... come walk with us!