Co. C, 5th Regt. Missouri Volunteer Cavalry (SVR, SUVCW), Inc.

  • MO


1302 Wilmer Road
United States

About Us

A Non Profit Corporation in the State of Missouri with 501(c) (3) IRS Designation

To Preserve, Honor, & Serve

  • Preserve the heritage of the mounted cavalry, and the remembrance of all those who fought during the American Civil War to ensure “that this nation, under God” would “have a new birth of freedom….”
  • Honor the members of the U.S. Military who have served with distinction throughout our history, during peacetime and war; and who have always been there to guard the freedoms that we hold dear as Americans.
  • Serve the communities and the nation in which we live, as a mounted unit that is prepared to ride in support of patriotic, charitable, or emergency efforts.