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About Us

Community Financial Literacy is a leading organization in financial education for Maine's refugees and new immigrants. This is the only organization working in Lewiston and Greater Portland to improve their financial lives.

Community Financial Literacy’s services include: financial literacy courses and one-on-one financial counseling to individuals or families. We serve men and women of all ages from the following communities: Congolese, Burundian, Somali, Sudanese, Iraqi, and Russian, Latino communities, as well as low-income individuals and families from Portland and Lewiston, Maine. The financial counseling is designed to help individuals and families make sound financial decisions with personal finance. The financial literacy courses are composed of five classes. Community Financial Literacy offers three main courses: Basic Money Management in America, Savings to Build Wealth, and Microfinance. The materials covered in these courses help develop participants’ financial skills to gain experience in:

• Basic banking and savings • Budgeting techniques • Awareness of financial fraud and scams • Setting and meeting short and long term financial goals • Using credit wisely • Building, maintaining, and repairing credit • Savings for college, retirement, buying a home or car • Steps to open and manage a business

  • CFL provides these classes at no cost to participants