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The chief role of the ACC is to streamline business strategies, build friendships and bear the unnecessary burdens of bureaucracy for its members, in order to simplify their situations. The ACC achieves this in a number of ways, and pledges to:

- Organize and collaborate trade promotion and investment events.

- Encourage Arab and Chinese companies to participate in exhibitions and fairs held in both regions.

- Facilitate all the necessary documentation and information in both Arabic and Chinese languages, through various methods of communication. (Interviews, phone Calls or written correspondence, fax, e-mail and internet, and printed, audio and visual media).

- Negotiate with Chinese Foreign Trade Organisations to provide the highest level of financial and logistical assistance for the promotion of events, tourism and commerce in the Arabic states.

- Coordinate visits of dignitaries and business representatives between the two regions, and secure access into the respective markets to ensure the optimum simplicity of dealings. This is provided in the form of technological support, documentation, and personal introductions for enterprises of all size, and covering all sectors of industry, not just for the largest corporations.

- Promote harmony and efficiency between Chambers of Trade and Industry in China and the Arab nations, through the laying of foundations for agreements and concessions, executing business strategies and generating interest from investors from both regions. This comprehensive planning helps to encourage ‘Strategic Alliances and Bilateral Promoting’ in the Arab countries, which previously did little in the way to offer promotion of Sino-Arab business cooperation.

- Discourage discrimination and educate people to distance themselves from stereotyping cultures. This will be facilitated through cultural exchange provided in association with the Chambers of Commerce, the Arab Industrial Departments and the Arab Cooperation Forum of China. This ‘Cultural Exchange’ is mutually-beneficial for China and the Arab nations with regards to trade integration and friendships.


What role will the ACC play in the consolidation and promotion of Sino-Arab cultural exchange?

To answer this question in the simplest way, we should look at the true scope of the term. ‘Cultural Exchange’ covers a wide range of daily life; tourism, social networking, education and many sectors of industry. To clarify the ACC’s practical interpretation of their targets for this ‘Cultural Exchange’, the Council promises to:

- Ensure high-levels of communication between China and the Arab nations, including the construction of an online ‘e-Library’, which serves as an interactive database of cultural information and promotion for both Chinese and Arabic speaking visitors.

- Promote the exchange of media between the two regions, with a special focus on educational programming, documentaries and scientific articles. The idea is to create more exposure and bilateral promotions of the media production industry in the two regions. This is done in co- ordinance with the consideration of privacy, political sensitivity and corresponding media laws.

- Research and compile a directory of Arabic inventors and product development institutes, and assist in the registration of patents and copyrights for them in China.

- Introduce and Promote ‘Copyright Protected’ concepts and products in the Chinese market, and vice versa in the Arab nations. This is very critical for product protection and brand awareness. The ACC believes this is the catalyst that many governments need to increase or, at the very least, maintain spending on research and development in the trade and science sectors. This can also offer these governments a sense of economic relief and security.

- Provide contemporary articles and promotion of Arabic tourism and history in online Chinese forums and lifestyle websites.

- Encourage the Arabic ideals of peace and tolerance.

- Affirm the Arab world as a place that was fundamental in the role of building our modern civilisation and religion.

- Endorse the Arab world as a magical tourist destination, for travellers and dignitaries alike.


The chief role of the ACC is to streamline business strategies, build friendships and bear the unnecessary burdens of bureaucracy for its members, in order to simplify their situations. The ACC achieves this in a number of ways, and…

Issue Areas Include

  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Housing & Homelessness


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