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About Us

People, Animals, Love and Support East Bay (PALS) is an all-volunteer led nonprofit organization with a mission to help pets both find and stay in their forever homes. To accomplish this mission, PALS supports the needs of people and pets, helping shelter pets find homes and helping owners who have fallen on hard times keep their pets. PALS has four programmatic areas that include: (1) our Rainbow Bridge program that finds foster homes for elderly, end-of life-shelter dogs and also provides them with vet care; (2) support for the dog foster program run out of Oakland Animal Services; (3) assistance with owner retention, including providing training support and free vaccines, microchips and spay and neuter services to low income pet owners; and (4) support for people who adopt shelter pets, including training resources. PALS has a strong partnership with Oakland Animal Services, the City of Oakland’s municipal shelter. PALS was founded in late 2014 and has an annual budget of approximately $50,000.