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About Us

The mission of Nkwusm is to recreate a process whereby the Salish Language is passed from parent to child, elder to youth, as once was common.

Every voice is an important link between the past and the present. Nkwusm is in place to preserve the power and dignity of the Salish language. For it is the one true link between people and identity that can allow future generations to remain connected with the Salish world.

In reaching out to the community, the program seeks to bring people together in a proactive manner that is empowering and family friendly. Looking to the future, Nkwusm is dedicated to perpetuating the Salish language through the creation of comprehensive educational programs that involve people of all ages. Through the formation of an Immersion School as well as providing opportunities for others, the project will work to make language acquisition a fundamental cornerstone for community, cultural and personal pride. At all phases of development, Nkwusm strives for excellence, high ethical standards and a strong level of personal integrity.

The voices of the past do not need to haunt the future. Instead, let the voices of the past become the voices of tomorrow. Nkwusm’s journey to a new future is one that can only succeed with the involvement and assistance of the community. It is not a road that can be traveled by just one. Indeed, it is a trail that requires the talents, skills, wisdom, energies and understanding of all people. By coming together, those who value the Salish language and culture can take control of the future. This is a journey of the whole. The final destination is one beyond our imaginations, someplace between here, there and forever.