Nine Network (KETC)

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3655 Olive Street
Saint Louis
United States

About Us

Mission Statement Mission Bringing St. Louis together as we connect our region to the world and the world to St. Louis.

Vision KETC envisions a confident and proud community ignited by the spirit of possibility and connected through public media.


Integrity Honoring editorial independence and diverse perspectives.

Trust Providing a trustworthy media voice on air, online, in print and in the community.

Respect Demonstrating authentic regard for others, their intelligence and their ability to draw their own conclusions.

Quality Elevating the quality of life in our community.

Responsibility Reliable and dependable community resource.

Innovation Strengthening civic life through transformative public media.

Description Mission, Vision and Values

Trusted independent media give voice and vision to a democratic society.

In St. Louis, KETC serves that purpose--engaging and entertaining the community with the diversity of ideas, issues, discourse and experiences that inform our present, guide our future and illuminate a wider world.

Our distinction as a public media organization lies in our mission, our vision and our values.

We provide quality content because it strengthens civic life. We remain independent because we believe it is the basis of trust. We are committed to engagement because it fosters a healthy community. We believe in making our content easily accessible, because the more people we engage, the greater our value becomes. We want to create sound business models, because we want to continue our good work. We want to connect our citizens with one another because we believe it is important to bring St. Louis together. We believe that if we succeed in our mission we will ignite the spirit of possibility in St. Louis.