Bethlehem Center for Children.

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About Us

We aim to provide an amazing lovely foster home for orphans and children living in hazardous environments in Arusha,Tanzania and East Africa in general,We also eager to see the developed community by providing both spiritually and mental education to the societies in need,and assure the well being of health by sharing the medicines and medication we are getting from our supporters.Through spiritually teachings and God fear,we believe all human are equally regardless of our ethics and races,we shout outs our voices to fight racial discrimination all over the world.We also fighting early pregnancy which is a big result as why many girls drop out of school before accomplishments of their studies,we give seminars to the students and trainings to the school drop outs girls and youth as to help them acquire some skills to help them in their future.We also aim to see the better environments for human use,we do voluntary works to maintain our environments. We started this for the past nine years now.We now share this blessing opportunity for all people to come and invest towards changes and a beautifully world's future,Support through us,We call upon all the people to come join our hands together,...the doors are open to everyone. Warmly welcome.