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About Us

The African SOUP is a nonprofit organization that blends community development with national impact in Uganda. We provide educational opportunity to over 600 vulnerable children in rural Uganda and lift up their families and community through programs that focus on child nutrition, improved health, and economic empowerment. The SOUP also leads national education reform efforts focused on active learning. All of our programs strive to create long-term, sustainable solutions to poverty through community-driven impact.

OUR VISION: To transform the lives of Ugandan youth through education system reform. 

OUR MISSION: The African SOUP leads a national education reform effort through active learning and provides educational opportunities to vulnerable children in rural eastern Uganda.

The African SOUP School utilizes the following strategies to fulfill our vision:

The African SOUP Model School - The African SOUP School serves over 600 vulnerable children ages 3 to 15 in grades Nursery - Primary 7 through high quality academics and co-curricular activities that emphasize active learning. Gardens, homemade meals, support services and Haven Home boarding facilities create a familial environment that supports staff and students to meet their full potential. The SOUP School is a place of hope and nurturing.

Secondary Enrichment Program - The Secondary Enrichment Program (SEP) supports graduating Primary 7 pupils in their continued education. SEP provides scholarships for up to 70% of secondary school tuition fees and creates a partnership between alumni and their community. All secondary school students participating in the SEP return to the SOUP campus during term breaks to help lead workshops focusing on a range of topics from healthcare to servant leadership. Their example helps inspire younger learners and community members.

The Active Learning Project - The Active Learning Project aims to improve the quality of nursery and primary education through the implementation of active learning. By engaging teacher training colleges, primary schools, and education officials in active learning training and technical support, we hope to equip and empower Uganda's future leaders with increased content knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, and positive attitudes and enthusiasm towards learning.

Emma’s Baby SOUP - Learning is difficult if a child is malnourished and suffering from illness. The Baby SOUP program relies on a holistic health approach facilitated through medical attention at the SOUP Primary School, the provision of nutrient-rich food, community workshops, parent counseling, and home visits throughout Nabikabala Village. Through our continuous engagement with the community to combat some of the region’s greatest health risks, we hope to open up opportunities for our community’s children by proactively recognizing and addressing community health needs.