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About Us

We see what others overlook. For example we also care primarily about our volunteers. From the familiar surroundings in a completely unknown area and then back again after a long stay in a country which has become your home, back in the day, back to the family back in the past. So our aim is a preparatory seminar, a between seminar and a follow-up seminar where the volunteer will be prepared for everything what will happen to him. This volunteer could be you! Start soon in many different projects and expand your skills. Supports Children's Villages, kindergartens, homes for the elderly and families in which you implement your donations in action. To the top - The wishes anyone has who looked into the eye to the suffering. You've always wanted to change something, improve and prove something to yourself? Be someone who can say : I've done it, I've moved a little! See children who learn to lough again, people who don't lose the faith in life, be a supporting hand, feel with and share it! Feel how quickly the days pass, and how much work actually does fun! IFFEAD starts in January 2014 in South Africa - and we need your support. Join us on exciting ways, become part of an international non-profit organisation and prepare yourself for exciting trip seminars. Please help, so we can start to change life! You have questions about your accommodation during your stay? You want to know more about visa, insurance and payment? Write an e-mail in which you show us your interest, your position and your questions. We will answer with pleasure and welcome you soon hopefully.