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Introducing RUDEVF -Cameroon

Mission: The Rural Development Front: (Rudevf-Cameroon), is a charitable & Voluntary Organization, made up of Individuals as well as Groups, who have devoted themselves to rural development & poverty alleviation, by creating job placement for the unemployed rural masses, while Organizing development projects in their communities; inter alia with it’s widespread support for the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic, unto which the Cameroon Development Corporation…(C.D.C) has out rightly supported the group, by allocating one block -( type 4.) at the Ombe Esuke Camp of the Benoe palms Estate, to the Rudevf-Cameroon for proper functioning of it’s head office. ACTIVICTIES: The Rudevf organization has been exercising agricultural practices and sensitization sessions on the HIV/AIDS Pandemic, since 2003. But was recently acknowledged and registered, with the Ministry of Territorial Administration & Decentralization here in Cameroon. As one of its major achievements, the Rudevf - Cameroon has been allocated some 15 hectares of land for sustainable development projects by the Leader & Notables of Meveo natives. This LAND is situated some 3km. from tarred roads at the Ombe locality of Mt. Fako region in the S.W. Province of Cameroon. Presently, the organization has been carrying out cash crops cultivation on 2 hectares of this land, planting some 300 fruit trees such as coconuts & citrus fruits. Other foodstuffs of regular demands like Plantains, Bananas, Coco yams, Yams, maize, pineapples are also cultivated & harvested on seasonal basis in exchange for sustainable revenues into the Group.

TARGETS: As our MAIN TARGET for this year is to improve on our Sustainable Revenue Mechanism, we would welcome two (2 ) volunteers with Sustainable Agricultural knowledge, for CAPACITY BUILDING in the Agricultural sector the Rudevf Organization. Each of these Volunteers, whom we acknowledge responsibility for Invitation & necessary Visa procedures….(if from overseas), as well as their hospitality & accommodation from day of arrival here at our headquarters, until departure date... shall be exercising Participatory Volunteerism for Rural Development with our Agro Team and its farming activities. As the Meveo Community (which is our main site of agro-activities)is situated just outside of the beautiful coastal town of Limbe, and also near to other sites of touristy interest... like the Fako Mountain at Buea; Activities such as expeditions, adventure/site seeing trips…… their feeding, housing, and perhaps other unforeseen events that shall occur within their 3 to 6 months stay with the Group out here, shall also be supported by a friendly team from the Rudevf. Meanwhile, each volunteer is shall be responsible for his/her flight ticket, along side with the transportation of any other gadgets/resources that he/she might want to bring along for to attach effectiveness and support to their work e.g. training equipments, working tools, Chemicals, such as Insect/pesticide/Fungicide's shall be warmly appreciated.

PROBLEMS: Owing to meet with the Priority amongst the Development expectations of the Meveo community, and putting into consideration the our tender income generating mechanism, we would require and appreciate a fund raising package from voluntary supporters to facilitate the re-construction of the Meveo me Mbenge community hall which has been identified unto us, as a major expectation from these poor rural community. To this effect the we have already setup a motion, for the necessary wood working materials in relation to this community structure..... other requirements such as roofing zincs & flooring of this building is the outcome of our fundraising request.


Present ONGOING Events: The RUDEVF is now carrying out its first phase of the Meveo me Mbenge Village Road maintenance & expansion program; Named "Meveo Road Maintenance & Development Strategy" (MRMD strategy) in which the first phase consisting of a 60 days work plan, have been organized and established by the Rudevf, between the Meveo Natives and the Logistics and Distribution Company . In accordance with the terms of this engagement, the Rudevf shall coordinate extraction and supplies of river stones to the L.D.C stone crushing company, which is also situated here at the Ombe industrial zone. This fund raising strategy, in which job placement in Manual labour for some 30 individuals has been created, shall cover some 2km. river stones extraction, and supplies to the L.D.C who shall pay on a percentage per trip basis. In addition to this, they shall offer substantial support, Rudevf in this MRMD strategy presently going on. in conformity to this offer, a Caterpillar Grader & tippers has been engaged by the Rudevf through the LDC for grading and Maintenance of the Main road leading to the Meveo Community.

Introducing RUDEVF -Cameroon

Mission: The Rural Development Front: (Rudevf-Cameroon), is a charitable & Voluntary Organization, made up of Individuals as well as Groups, who have devoted themselves to rural development & poverty…

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  • Rudevf-Cameroon Headquarters-Ombe Esuke C.D.C, None 1166 -Limbe, Cameroon
    Fako Division

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