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About Us

ABOUT US: Salam Institute for Peace and Justice is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering research, dialogue, tolerance and understanding between peoples of deeply divided societies, particularly between Muslim and non-Muslim communities. Through its research, educational trainings and practice on issues related to conflict resolution, nonviolence, human rights and development, Salam Institute for Peace and Justice plays a key role in helping communities to bridge sensitive cultural, historical and religious divides and to find innovative ways to form and build on consensus. The Institute has extensive experience conducting educational trainings, hosting international conferences, publishing dynamic manuals, guides and reports and directing innovative projects focused on interfaith and intercultural dialogue, peacebuilding, conflict resolution, sustainable development, conflict resolution and community development in predominantly Muslim countries.

Founded by a group of academicians and practitioners in the field of conflict resolution, peace studies, Islamic cultural studies, and international development, the Salam Institute aims to:

  • Provide scholarly and professional knowledge and expertise to governmental and non-governmental organizations and individuals on various dimensions of political, socio-cultural, religious, and economic aspects of conflicts in Islamic context;
  • Enhance the knowledge base of Islamic models for conflict resolution and peace among practitioners, academicians, and policy makers;
  • Further the inter-religious dialogue among Muslims and non-Muslims in Western and non-Western societies, as well as promote an action orientation towards peace and justice among the different communities;
  • Advance the integration of local traditions and values in areas of peace, conflict resolution and development; and,
  • Explore, develop, and utilize resources in Muslim communities to contribute to peacebuilding and development efforts in various conflict areas in the world.

Project Example: One of the recent initiatives that Salam Institute is involved in is the USAID supported Peace through Development (PEDEVII) project which aims to improve youth engagement, widen access to credible information sources, and improve local and community governance in the Sahel region of Africa over the next five years. Salam Institute works with PEDEVII and local organizations in Chad, Niger and Burkina Faso to support the modernization of Quranic schools and the training of religious leaders. Additionally, Salam Institute will develop a series of trainings to introduce civic education through certification institutions in Chad, initiate a pilot project to convene a rapid response clergy council in Chad, and introduce interfaith and intrafaith programs in Niger and Burkina Faso. Added to this, as a regional project design, the Salam Institute is initiating and managing an Islamic Peacebuilding Network that will be utilized by local organizations in the Sahel region.