The Phoenix Project

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About Us

The PhoenixProject is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that raises money through a combination of Private citizens, government grants & Corporate donations. This enables lifesaving assistance, advocacy & education projects for U.S. Veterans, The Homeless Population, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues. Eliminating stigma, while creating permanent charitable capital in addition to making philanthropic grants. EIN-800287862

To eliminate the stigma associated with Veterans, The Homeless, Substance abuse & mental health issues. Through public awareness via collaboration with community leaders, local agencies. The municipal, state and Federal governments.

1 Education: Our nonpartisan mission is to disseminate timely, useful and educational information and support online.

2 Outreach: To perform high quality, comprehensive service that is consistently available, accessible, and responsive to the needs of individuals, families and underprivileged groups.

3 Community: To work with communities to contribute, facilitate, and promote solutions for the enrichment of all.

4 Legislative Agenda: Our legislative program strives to support current and former service members by advocating for positive changes in benefits and policy.

5 Awareness: To raise a positive consciousness. A level of public awareness that is has insight, knowledge, appreciation and a understandable grasp of this rapidly increasing plight.