Advocacy, Incorporated

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About Us

Advocacy, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, is funded by the United States Congress to advocate for, protect, and advance the legal, human, and service rights of people with disabilities in Texas. It is not a part of state or local government. It has offices throughout the State of Texas, and an independently elected Board of Directors representing people with disabilities in Texas.

All Advocacy, Inc. programs provide: Information and materials (advice and/or written information); Referrals to programs and services for persons with disabilities; Services to represent individuals, including: investigation, mediation, negotiation, advice, and representation in administrative and legal proceedings in priority areas only; Systems advocacy services including: monitoring and commenting on state agency policies and regulations, legislative activities, and collaboration with other disability organizations regarding public policy; Training for persons with disabilities on their rights, how to advocate for themselves, and how to access services from state agencies; and Technical assistance for lawyers and private service providers.