Community Development Society (CDS)

About Us

To develop well being of the poor and marginalized slum people through awareness education and helping to self income generation. we help the poor themselves out purpose is to help people overcome the effects of poverty to develop the capacity to create a new future for themselves and their community we provide reponsible ways for people with charitale hearts to help the poor to a better life. To make people life better in all manner towards achievement of overall CDS objectives.

Concentrating on the education part for poor school going students.Where they could't get proper food and study place and the materials.

Providing playing material in the evening after that study for two hours and then dinner .This is by the own risk of cds.

we are selecting needy people in one area and providing all the mentioned facilities.

This is the programme rightnow we are doing.It will continue.We would like to extent this service to many slums those who are in need.We are looking serviceable hearts from you.