• Kenya.

About Us

Children of imprisoned parent empowerment (COIPE), is a church community-based children project run by house of glory blessed church in Kenya. The program has been running for two years as a startup in Embu county, Kenya.

COIPE will focus on facilitating quality education to children and provide vocational training to their mothers/caregivers and their school dropout youths, especially from families with one or both parents serving long jail term of 5years and above. It is expected through facilitating of quality education to the children of imprisoned parent and training their caregivers with life skills that it will be possible to have a direct and positive effect on the wellbeing of the young children of the community. COIPE does not discriminate on bases of either religion, gender or race in the service to children of imprisoned parents and their caregivers. The project is our loud voice against the discrimination of these marginalized and stigmatized group in our society.