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About Us

Vecna Cares improves public health in under-served communities around the world by delivering the basic necessities for administering quality healthcare.

Our mission is to improve the state of healthcare one community, one clinic, and one hospital at a time. This network of communities grows as individuals connect and support one another for a truly sustainable healthcare delivery system.

We believe that in order to realize our mission, the impact of our work must be measurable, affordable and accountable. We are focused on delivering health information technology for a sustainable and scalable delivery infrastructure. Our contributions change the cost of delivering care in health systems by supplying resources where there is need, building on local strengths, improving efficiencies, and capturing important health data in real time.

While Vecna Cares supports IT infrastructure, we also aim to address public health issues in a holistic manner: by providing clinics with the basics such as baby blankets, and clinicians with advanced wireless technologies such as mobile health (mHealth) applications, Vecna Cares helps to build the foundation for better health.

Vecna's Global Health Initiative is the flagship program of Vecna Cares Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Learn more about how you can help.