Pai Seedlings Foundation

  • Mae Hong Son


64/3 Moo 1
Tambon Vieng Nua
Amphoe Pai
Mae Hong Son

About Us

Pai Seedlings Foundation is a non profit organization based in Pai, Mae Hong Son province in northern Thailand.

We hold 3 core values that inspire our projects and lead our actions:

1. To care for the planet.

2. To care for humans.

3. To create abundance and share it.

We do this 3 ways:

1. Land rehabilitation: we are creating of an organic farm to provide healthy foods for the children in local schools, and are developping beekeeping to support local farmers.

2. Workshops: we organize workshops for local school children and travellers to spread awareness of environmental issues and how to apply solutions for more local resilience.

3. Networking: we partner local businesses to sell our products, finance new projects, and get more people involved.

Here are the main projects we are working on at the moment:

1. Organic Food for the schools: an organic farm for healthy foods and fun workshops.

2. Cooking healthy products to sell through local partnerships in order to finance new projects.

3. Beekeeping: a single solution to balance ecosystems, increase agricultural yield, and provide extra income to farmers.