Common Threads Farm and School Garden Collective

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About Us

At Common Threads we are on a mission to connect kids with healthy food through seed-to-table educational experiences. We do this through our work with member schools of our School Garden Collective, through partnership with other nonprofits, and through after-school and summer programs run out of our urban farm site in which youth plant, tend, harvest, cook and eat healthful foods.

The "Common Thread" throughout our programs is a commitment to:

  • food competency (knowing how to grow and prepare healthful, delicious food)
  • food literacy (understanding how our daily food choices impact the health of our bodies, our communities, and our environment)
  • food justice (making sure that there is enough healthful, culturally appropriate food accessible to all)
  • youth empowerment (we recognize growing food as an effective way to develop competence, self-esteem, life and job skills)
  • We cultivate all of the above through the delivery of joyful, purposeful seed-to-table food experiences.

For so many of today's social and environmental problems, our relationship with food is either part of the problem or part of the solution. Whether dealing with health concerns such as obesity or diabetes; environmental issues such as peak oil or the conservation of agricultural land and wildlife corridors; or economic issues, such as promoting and sustaining thriving local economies - we believe we can make a positive difference by raising a generation of young people who understand and care about where their food comes from.