Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation

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About Us

The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that supports and helps develop multifaceted educational programs for children and their families in the villages around the region of Bodhgaya and Northern India. We build and support community based schools that provide academic and vocational training, as well as nutritional and medical support for the children.

We support and help develop programs that train teachers and critical care workers for health care clinics, emergency medical service programs, safe birthing courses and maternal child health education.

Through the cooperation of an international team of highly skilled directors and advisors we are able to make direct and lasting beneficial changes in the lives of numerous children and their families.

Education combined with proper nutrition and health care is essential for children’s development; the process starts at birth, and continues throughout the life of every human being. Each stage of lives requires different education and skills to grow, survive and thrive.

Offering a full spectrum of assistance at every point of a child’s life, helping to break the cycle of poverty, we help people empower themselves to live a life of self fulfillment, good health, prosperity and happiness.