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About Us

Rainbow Rumpus exists to empower children with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender parents. Rainbow Rumpus also raises awareness of LGBT family issues among the broader community of children and parents through publication of an online magazine.

Rainbow Rumpus, a web based magazine for children aged 4-14, publishes stories, poems, cartoons, letters, essays, photos, artwork, songs and video clips featuring LGBT headed families. The publication also provides children and parents with links to political and school system advocacy.

The Rainbow Rumpus Vision

Provide children with images of their families by: a) Publishing stories and poems about children who have LGBT parents. b) Publishing artwork featuring our families c) Publishing family photos, and descriptions by children of what they like to do with their families. d) Publishing cartoons featuring LGBT headed families e) Publishing songs about our families f) Publishing videos about our families g) Celebrating the diversity among our families

Create a virtual community by: a) Providing a web forum for children to communicate with each other about the websites/magazine’s content

b) Publishing a column where children share stories of times when having LGBT parent(s) felt significant

Encourage the development of media and services geared towards the children of LGBT families by: a) Reviewing books, music and videos which feature our families

b) Recruiting well-known children’s authors, songwriters, etc. to contribute to the magazine

c) Making more children and families aware of resources available for children of LGBT families through web links and/or advertising

Give children the opportunity to advocate for their families by: a) Educating children about policies and laws that affect their families

b) Giving children ways to influence policies and laws that affect their families (such as writing letters or e-mails)

c) Building alliances with state and national LGBT lobbying organizations

d) Building alliances with organizations that work to improve school climates for LGBT people and children of LGBT folks

Laura Matanah Last updated Aug. ’05