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New York

United States

About Us

Choose What You Read NY is a free underground book exchange for New York’s commuters— offering them better reading material, encouraging them to read and helping to recycle used books that are often thrown out. Once a month, CWYR NY will distribute free books outside major subway stations. The idea is that when someone is done, they either return it in one of our drop-boxes or back to us the following month. In this way, we hope to keep the same book circulating, passing from hand to hand, from rider to rider.

At the heart of our program, Choose What You Read NY aims to encourage the public to develop better reading habits, and to revive books as a medium of arts and entertainment in today's digital age.

At the same time, by recycling and sharing books, we hope the public will develop an awareness and responsibility towards their own community. We are only the middlemen. It is really you, the public, who is helping by participating, reading, sharing your books and recycling. In inspiring and motivating each citizen of New York, we are really aiming to improve the quality of our community as a whole.