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About Us

THE MISSION OF SAC Our mission is to nurture storytelling in California to create supportive connection between families, communities, and cultures. We promote storytelling as a living art. We grow and nurture small storytelling groups. We create opportunities for communities to hear storytellers from many cultures. We spread information about traditional and contemporary storytelling. We cultivate storytelling opportunities through networking, training, and education.

ABOUT SAC The Storytelling Association of Alta California is a regional voice for story listeners and storytellers in California, to remind the local and national community of the power and the joy of storytelling.

OUR STORY SAC grew out of the Bay Area Storytelling Festival, BASF,, with its festival week-end in May the week before Memorial Day. The sucess of the festival required a formal organization behind the festival. Discussion were held with festival-goes, storytellers, and storytelling swaps around the San Francisco Bay, the concesus was that a community of story listeners and tellers of Northern California needed a voice. A non-profit was created for membership organization as well as focus on arts production, SAAC, www.story

MEMBERSHIP SAC members recieve the Storyline Newsletter quarterly as well as ocassional mailing and/or emails and listing of events on the SAC website calendar. Storyline offers information and articles about events sponsered by SAC and local storytellers, swaps, workshops, performances, and orgaizations in Northern and Southern California. Contact Editor, Susan Ford,

BASF CONTACTS: Producers Linda Yemoto, East Bay Regional Parks District, 510-525-2233,,; or

ADDRESSES: Storytelling Association of Alta California (SAC),; Bay Area Storytelling Festival (BASF), PO Box 11891, Berkeley CA 94712-2891, 510-869-4946,; and the East Bay Regional Park District,