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About Us

Since 1969, the LSIC mission has been to teach and inspire the next generation of law students while providing the highest quality legal representation to the District’s low-income residents.  From our founding, we have continued the fight for the disenfranchised in our nation’s capital.  We made “equal justice under law” a reality for thousands of our clients and trained and have inspired hundreds of lawyers to protect the legal rights of the less fortunate.

We remain committed to protecting the legal rights of those vulnerable men, women, and children in the District. In years to come, we will continue our fight to realize a world where, in the words of Justice Lewis Powell, Jr., “justice should be the same, in substance and availability, without regard to economic status.” Every year of this fight, we strive to pass the torch of justice to our next generation of students.

LSIC helps low-income Washington, D.C.  residents who have civil, criminal, and housing legal problems that originated in the District.