International Organization of Peace and Tolerance




About Us

IOPT isnon_govermental organization (NGOs). It membership is open. It is ratified and registered in (HAC)Sudan's Humanitarian Aid Commission. place :sudan,omdurman,AUW. activities of the organization: 1/peace and putting an end to war,conflic and diffusing the tolerance and love between among the people of the globe. 2/struggling against extremism and violence and terrorism by peaceful means. 3/ adaption and encouragement of adialogue of cultures and civilization among the people of the world . 4/ resettlement of displaced people and refugees . 5/ rehabilition the damaged zones by war. 6/ giving humanitarian aids. 7/ the organization seek to solicit the humanitarian dimension of the leaders of the world so as to function it in humanitarian aids.

SOME MEANS OF IMPLEMENTATIONS: 1/ full-scale study and research by means of technical committees which consist of experts,spacialists,technicians and other concerned partes.