Unidos Bridging Community

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309 NE 3rd Street
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About Us

Unidos Bridging Community (Unidos) is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 in rural Yamhill County, Oregon. Its mission is to 1) advocate for Latinx individuals and families, especially first- or second- generation immigrants, and 2) to build bridges of understanding and support among Latinx and non-Latinx communities in Yamhill County. The Latinx population in Yamhill County is 16%, though this number is steadily increasing, reflected by a 20-38% Latinx population in the school districts.

We envision a time when our broader community shall fully value the contributions of immigrants, celebrate the rich cultures and life histories of all its residents, and recognize the strengths and benefits of a diverse and inclusive community. Our goal is that Latinx individuals and families are fully engaged participants in all aspects of the community, with health and safety outcomes, educational and employment advancement, housing opportunities, and economic well-being reflected in the entire community.

We work to achieve our mission through education, policy and community advocacy, leadership development, and immigration support. We value strong collaboration with other community organizations, and seek to promote “intentional shared relationships” among individuals of different backgrounds.

Current programs include citizenship classes, workshops for Latina immigrants, law enforcement relations team, policy advocacy at local and state level, facilitation of Latinx Advocacy Coalition of community partners, community forums and other educational activities. 

Unidos has an all-volunteer Board of Directors, and most of our work is accomplished through volunteer engagement. We currently have 2.5 FTE funded staff positions for a full-time Executive Director, a part-time administrative assistant, and full-time program staff member. We are funded primarily through individual donations, business donations, and non-profit foundations.

Unidos has been growing in its programs, outreach, and influence within Yamhill County. We are a respected and trusted organization within Latinx communities, established organizations, and local government.