Middle East and Peace Charity Foundation

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About Us

For most of us the Middle East is a synonym for tragedy, death, war and terrorism. We usually hardly know anything about its culture, traditions and great historical background. And politicians and media corporations are always blind and deaf when it concerns the problems of the region, its needs, its history, its traditions, its complexity. Their own interests the only thing that trully matters for them.

Our goal is to write another story and history of the Middle East. Of the Middle East, which so different and complicated. So great and so suffering. So strong and so weak. The region that is a center, the corner stone of the world. Together we are to bring happiness and cordial tenderness to the life of people in this region. To provide them help, support and assistance. To provide them broader educational capabilities. We want to build cultural bridges between the Middle East and the West. To show the world the true beautiful and attractive face of the Middle East. To break the barriers of stereotypes, misperception and misunderstanding.

Bringing peace to the Middle East we are bringing peace to the humanity.

Never through politics, but only through human contacts.

We are telling you the true story of the region. With you we are writing its present and future. Join us for a better tomorrow.