Bahamas Methodist Habitat


James Cistern


About Us

Bahamas Methodist Habitat is a disaster relief and emergency home repair outreach ministry of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church through which volunteers work together to repair and build homes for low income families in the Bahamas. We are based out of James Cistern, Eleuthera, but extend our services to Abaco, Andros, Grand Bahamas, Cat Island, New Providence (Nassau), and Ragged Island. Our goal is to improve the living conditions and lifestyle for families in need in the Bahamas, while offering transforming experiences for volunteers and homeowners alike by sharing and receiving the Love of Christ. The hope is that volunteers will return home with an expanded view of the world and an inspiration for creating ways to be involved in their own community. Home owners will come through the experience with safe living conditions and renewed motivation. We would like to invite you to participate in this exciting and unique opportunity.

This is not just for those affiliated with the Methodist church. People from all walks of life are welcome!!

This is for everyone that loves the Bahamas Methodist Habitat! If you've ever come and volunteered for this disaster relief program, then spread the word about the amazing work that is being done through this ministry.

If anybody would like more information about the Bahamas Methodist Habitat, check out our website or post a question on the discussion board.