The Hospitality & Catering Training Center

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About Us

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A Vocational Hospitality Training Center with a Mission.
We give disadvantaged Thai young adults access to entry-level employment in the hospitality industry through a comprehensive 2-year educational program and internship/job search assistance.

Why Hospitality?
Hospitality is a booming industry in Thailand that continues to grow! By instilling in our beneficiaries the relevant skills, they are able to tap into this large market and earn a living for themselves. Entry-level hospitality positions, furthermore, do not have great barriers of entry and, thus, provide easier & better opportunities for these disadvantaged youth to break out of poverty compared with other industries.
Lastly, all our students are light-hearted, friendly, and naturally hospitable! Due to the limited student quota we have per semester, we have put in place an effective student selection process where we only accept the most promising ladies and gentlemen.