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About Us

Mulmangcho is a Non-profit organization focusing on the integration of the North Korean Refugees in the South Korean society. We focus on education to empower the next generation of leaders who will make reunification comes true.

Our ogranization includes:

- Mulmangcho School: a residential alternative school for North Korean youth refugees.
- Mulmangcho Open School: for North Korean refugees students and adults.
- Mulmangcho Blossom: program for North Korean refugees students to study abroad.
- Korean POW Repatriation committee: repatriation of remained POWs in North Korea to South Korea, confirmation and identification, support to their integration.
- Mulmangcho Dental Clinic: Free dental clinic for North Korean Refugees.
- Mulmangcho Human Rights Center: policy study and seminar for the development of North Korean Human Right
- Mulmangcho Publications: Publication of testimonies, novel or children books of North Korean refugees.