West African College of the Atlantic

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About Us

WACA is a private secondary school for Senegalese children from ages 11 to 18/19 (grades 7 to 13). It is a bilingual school with subjects taught in French and English by native speakers of those languages. It is an institution of academic excellence and children sit for the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma at the end of their last year. The school's educational philosophy is to develop intercultural understanding, critical thinking skills, respect for others, and to reflect on local and global issues - all in a context of academic rigour.

Students in the senior classes undertake community service once a week: visiting the elderly and orphanages, bringing fresh water to a village with pipes and a tap, visitng a centre for the handicapped, visiting the SOS Village in Dakar. During these activities students help other children to learn their lessons, talk to them about their lives, and usually play some sport with them. In one of the orphanages, WACA students cultivated a vegetable garden with the children so they would have fresh produce and could sell some of it for income. The school's website is: