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About Education for Employment

Education for Employment (EFE) is an affiliated network of locally-run non-profit organizations that creates economic opportunity for youth in the Middle East and North Africa. EFE's vision is to empower youth with the skills and opportunities they need to build careers that alleviate poverty and create a better future for themselves, their communities, and the world.

Young people in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) face significant obstacles to finding a job, and the impact of their bleak employment prospects is felt not only by the youth themselves, but by their families, communities and societies as a whole. Education for Employment (EFE) trains young people in MENA in the skills businesses need, and links youth to the dignity and security of sustainable employment. Additionally, in 2012, EFE began piloting entrepreneurship programs throughout the network. Distinctive in that they offer an end-to-end solution for aspiring entrepreneurs, EFE's programs go beyond start up training to link youth to additional services for greater impact, such as mentoring, business development and access to capital.

EFE builds partnerships with employers and corporate sponsors to develop training programs that align with local job market needs. Youth learn technical skills in high demand as well as language and soft skills that employers seek. Overcoming social and gender barriers to employment is at the core of EFE's mission. EFE actively recruits youth from low-income and socially excluded communities, and strives for at least half of all its trainees to be young women. By connecting youth in the Middle East and North Africa with relevant training and concrete job opportunities, we complete the circle from education to career and community leadership. Support for our alumni continues after they enter the workforce. Alumni are linked to a regional network of peers and mentors to enable continued learning, community engagement and participation in international youth leadership events.

EFE's Structure

EFE is a network of locally-run, affiliated non-profit organizations working in the Middle East and North Africa. Over the past several years, EFE established an affiliated non-profit organization in six countries in the MENA region (Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Tunisia and Morocco). Each affiliate is a locally registered non-profit organization managed by local staff and governed by a local board of directors made up of accomplished professionals and leaders from various sectors.

EFE's global team provides programmatic, fundraising, strategic and capacity building support to its affiliates. The global team operates out of EFE's US based offices in Washington, DC and New York, and travels regularly to the MENA region. A sister European organization, the Fundacion Educacion para el Empleo (EuropEFE), operates from Madrid, Spain.

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