CIMA: Center for International Media Action

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About Us

Now more than ever, people are challenging corporate media bias, rising cable rates, internet censorship. They are building independent media, community radio, TV and wireless networks. CIMA: Center for International Media Action develops alliances and strategies among groups doing this work across the US and around the world.

CIMA produces action research and publications, workshops and gatherings, and the website We partner with activist, academic and funding groups to create networks, strategic plans and governance structures that can increase cross-sector collaboration and advance the interests and role of persistently marginalized constituencies in media policy and activism, ownership and production.

We believe it is possible to defend the freedom and diversity of ideas and cultures. We believe in the potential of journalism, arts, and new information and communication technologies to serve democracy and social justice. But we don't think this can happen without collective action by civil society groups working to shape the media system as part of broader social movements. CIMA builds relationships and knowledge to strengthen the movement for media change.